Background of Responsible Care®:

Responsible Care® was first launched in Canada and has since spread across 46 countries. A social responsibility initiative of the global chemical industry, Responsible Care® is built around a set of guiding principles, and six codes of management practice that help in achieving them.

The six codes as conceived by the ICC (Indian Chemical Council) are:
  1. Process safety code
  2. Employee health and safety code
  3. Pollution prevention code
  4. Emergency response code
  5. Distribution code
  6. Product stewardship code
The aim is to ensure that chemical companies act responsibly towards the environment and the public, so that society can enjoy the benefits of chemicals without risk. Companies that are signatories to the initiative have to show continuous improvement in all areas that relate to the safety and health of their employees and the general public.

Prism Consultants provide services to assess an organization’s existing management systems against the requirements of the codes of Responsible Care® as well as Responsible Care® Management System. Based on the gap assessment, Prism Consultants also provides assistance to plug these gaps.

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RCMS®, RESPONSIBLE CARE® are registered service marks of American Chemistry Council.

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