Prism Consultants independently carry out third party investigation of process incidents like fires, explosions, runaway reactions, tank collapses, abnormal situations etc that have a direct bearing on process safety. The aim of these investigations is to enable management to pinpoint the root causes of the incident including human factors that led to the incident and to avoid recurrence of the incident. The investigation also helps to identify management issues that may be having an effect on process safety. These issues could include communication, culture and competency issues.

Prism Consultants fully understands the confidentiality of company specific information and will hold all information, findings, observations, reports, etc in strictest confidence.

Prism Consultants have conducted process incident investigation for flare explosions, storage tank failures, catalyst poisoning incident, runaway reactions, fired heater coil rupture, centrifuge fires, batch process feeding fire incident etc.

Prism Consultants use widely accepted and proven techniques (causal factor charting, fault tree analysis and change analysis, barrier analysis, MTO analysis etc) to gather and analyze information to identify the root and contributing causes of the incident.

The steps followed for investigation of incidents are:
  • Gathering the relevant data
  • Analyzing the data to determine causal factors
  • Identifying root and contributing causes of the incident
  • Developing recommendations to address the root causes
  • Documentation of the incident investigation report
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